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Movie Review , by Anthony Kaufman

Published January 27, 2006


The final days of Sundance also unveiled two very different documentaries worth catching. Sandhya Suri's "I for India," arguably the best film in the program, starts off slowly - remarkably similar to another world doc "Dear Pyongyang" - in its telling of a family's separation. In the 1960s, the filmmaker's father Yash Pal Suri moved his family from India to England to seek out a better life and career, and used super 8 cameras and reel-to-reel sound recorders to communicate with his beloved parents and family back home. Much of the film consists merely of this home movie footage. But "I for India" soon turns emotionally gripping, as the movies that are sent back and forth between the families reveal deep scars of abandonment and the profound pains of assimilation and discrimination. Smartly crafted and affecting, the film builds to a final passage that is as beautifully apt as it is telling about the inevitable fracture of families.


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